Sunday, March 31, 2019

Greg Curry T-shirts!

Some of Greg's supporters have designed and are selling tshirts. You can buy one online, all proceeds go directly to Greg.

There are three varieties, comfort, fitted, and tank top, with front and back designs.


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Government Snitches

Greg Curry asked that we share this recent article from Criminal Legal News about prosecutor reliance on unreliable informant testimony.

Ohio prosecutors relied almost entirely on informant testimony in Greg's case and the other Lucasville Uprising cases. He's raising funds to hire a lawyer to support overturning his conviction on the clear basis that prosecutors illegally lied to the court about making deals with their lead witness, a prisoner informant named Lou Jones. Please share his story with any lawyers you know and ask them to contact Greg for more information on his case.

Government Snitches: Incentivized Witnesses Are the Leading Cause of Wrongful Convictions

by Dale Chappell
Every year, innocent people go to prison, or even death row, because of government informants who lie to get a good deal in their own criminal case. The problem, studies show, is the fact that this horse-trading between the informants and the government is largely informal, unregulated, and highly secretive. On top of that, the informants hold all the cards, because they have valuable information the government wants.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Last August's restrictions on Imam Hasan's communication have not been re-examined or reviewed, despite the many egregious due process flaws in the Serious Misconduct Panel's handling of the conduct report. Please spread the word, write Hasan and continue to keep him and all prisoner organizers in your thoughts.

For Immediate Release: Ohio Fails to Reverse Improper Communication Restriction for Prison Strike Leader.

PHONE: 614-704-4699

Columbus, OH- Last fall the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) put prisoner-rights activist Siddique Abdullah Hasan on severe communication restrictions in a Serious Misconduct Panel (SMP) hearing that included a number of clear irregularities and violations of due process.