Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Visitation interference at OSP

Hasan on a visit in 2014 with Joyce and her son D Jones, director of "The Great Incarcerator 2: The Shadow of Lucasville."
A few supporters of the Lucasville Uprising prisoners held at OSP have been permanently restricted from visiting any Ohio prisons.

On September 13, Ben Turk scheduled visits with Hasan and others. Upon hearing Ben's name, the scheduling officer got weird and dug through his visiting history, but found no restrictions and scheduled the visits. Ten minutes later, a sergeant called back to tell Ben he was restricted from visiting and should have received a letter.

A few days later, Joyce Jones was pulled out five minutes into a visit with Hasan. She also had not received a letter informing her of the restriction, neither had Hasan. Finally on September 28, she received a letter dated September 11, accusing her of being part of a plan to pay Hasan for speaking about the nationwide strike through the prison phone system.  

Joyce lives in Youngstown and has been one of Hasan's most frequent visitors for years. Her letter offered her a chance to appeal the decision within seven days of September 11. She wrote back even though it was well past that deadline, and hasn't heard anything. Ben still hasn't received anything from the prison as of this writing.
Assuming Ben's is the same as Joyce's, these restrictions are permanent and apply to all prisoners and prisons in Ohio.

Greg Curry recently wrote this response to the situation:

“BEN T. has been and believe will be a unyielding friend, comrade, Brother. A MAN of his word and that apparently disqualified him from visiting me here at OSP.
I know BEN will not accept defeat easy so I hope y’all out there are able to support his effort to continually expose the STATE for the conditions they hold me in, the arbitrary use of policy/rules/judgement to keep me at a high security prison while I fight to get FREE.
This decision is about silencing our message at a time when more people are becoming aware of the injustice of the 1993 prison riot and the treatment of us ever since including placing me and HASAN in the hole during BLACK AUGUST. The STATE knows what is at stake. DO YOU?! “
Greg added to this today: “please include Ms Joyce Jones,” who has also been restricted in visiting Ohio State Prison supermax, including Hasan and Greg! Joyce has been an enormous support for the men, and the prison wants to punish the supporters and at the same time silence the vocal prisoners.
We must let the autorities know they must stop the restrictions at once.

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