Monday, September 10, 2018

Black August at OSP by Greg Curry

Greg Curry intended to make this statement at the recent pig roast solidarity event in Central Ohio, but was unable to connect with organizers at that time. Instead we're printing it here.


Today I'd like to give you a mental picture of how Ohio's supermax is set up so that the context of what follow will make sense. There is severely limited movement here its 4 blocks: A, B, C, D. A & B are on top of each other C & D are on the other side of the prison on top of each other. In each block there is 8 pods each of those pods hold up to 16 people. Each pod is isolated from the next so much so you may never see them even though its just a door/wall between y'all. Likewise, the blocks are even more cut off since its a floor between A & B then 1/2 a football field between the other side of the prison where C & D blocks are similarly set up. There is actually only one / two jobs per pod. This is the backdrop for which any organizing would take place within these walls.

However we do have successes, usually its some situation brought on by repressive cops armed with oppressive rules drawing a response that temporarily disrupt operations around here . For Black August one of my closest Comrades, Siddique Hasan is accused of organizing Statewide action against the orderly operations of prisons. In the process, this Comrade was placed in the hole, stripped of his personal property and his access to communicate is severely cut back.

Of course he continue to lead, to deeply care about justice for us all even as he fight for justice to keep the State from murdering him. Some of you know the prison rules was twisted up just to find that Hasan broke any rule. He did 3 weeks on hunger strike while many of you made calls demanding fairness.