Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Work stopped at Ohio State Penitentiary

In the midst of repression against Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, guards have been acting petty and another Lucasville survivor had his transfer out of the supermax denied by the same classification officer: Brian Wittrup.

Greg Curry reports:

"Meanwhile, the low wage cops harassing us looking to create problems. So Enough prisoners that recognized this decided to start protest that include refusing to work! of course the cops went to there SPECIAL INMATES to get them to cross the Pickett line but that was frowned upon so the pod is looking like we're HELD AGAINST OUR WILL! IMAGINE THAT."

Greg also wrote that a knife was found not at all having anything to do with him, but since he has "Lucasville" attached to his name, the officers keep him without any privileges and keep a close eye on him.

"Just today I've had to be interviewed by the Unit staff then later by the Warden himself. Stay Tuned."
This needs to stop.

Greg should be moved out of the Ohio supermax. We know there was a very weak response from Wittrup, but we must keep telling it to him. Stop the torture.
This is what Greg asked in his email of today:
"I need people to call the BUREAU OF CLASSIFICATION, MR. WITTRUP. Ask him why am I being held on a disciplinary version of population without the full privileges of my level such as a rec. yard, gym, chow hall, and many privileges at the same level anywhere else are rule violations here. Ask him what's the plan what's the timeline for moving me out of here. As most of you know it's been 20 plus years stuck here it's time I go!  
Remind Mr. Wittrup of that:
[you can cc to:, and to the regional director, - AP] 
thank you.

Write to Greg via Jpay or directly via snail:
Greg Curry #213-159
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road,
Youngstown, OH 44505

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