Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hasan Railroaded. Greg Released!

Yesterday Imam Hasan went before the Serious Misconduct Panel (SMP) for allegedly leading a riot, workstoppage, and other unauthorized business through the phones.

As he expected, the fix was in at the SMP and he was found guilty of all counts. More details below, but the summary is that none of his witnesses were allowed to testify, he was not allowed to view all of the evidence against him, and new charges and witnesses were brought against him.

Apparently the SMP is no more serious about due process than the Rules Infractions Boards we're more familiar with. Hasan faces a one year phone restriction and transfer to "Extended Restrictive Housing 3". Hasan has been on some version of "ERH" since it was invented, and on "level 5" the previous highest level since that was invented with the construction of Ohio State Penitentiary.

Between 2011 and 2016, he and other "long-timer" prisoners won, through repeated hunger strikes, a set of special privileges to account for the fact that the ODRC has basically vowed to never let them out of solitary confinement. Hasan will likely lose these privileges (contact visits, more time out of the cell, being able to go on rec with another long timer) with this security level change. Now he will only be allowed out of his cell (to a concrete range or rec cage) five hours per week.

Continue to support Hasan! Write him letters and let him know he's not alone. We're sure he'll be fighting and appealing this reclassification, and there'll be opportunities to support and advocate for him. 

Read a detailed report from Hasan about the hearing here.

In better news, Greg Curry has been released from the hole! On Tuesday, August 7th, guards who were upset about Hasan, and upset with Greg for passing information about Hasan's situation to the outside world, cracked down on the whole block. It seems this crackdown backfired and prisoners collectively responded by protesting, including refusing to work.

That's right, the thing they are accusing Hasan of trying to organize occurred after they isolated him, because they were harassing people.

Of course, the guards came back, targeting Greg. Again, they made their move on a Friday night, so that nothing could be done through the weekend when the top brass is off work.

These guards tried to connect a knife found on another prisoner to Greg, and to claim he orchestrated the work stoppage. Today Greg had his hearing, and the only evidence they had against him was that he sent outside supporters information about Hasan's situation, which is not against any rule, so the RIB let him go.

Greg needs to be transferred out from OSP. He's been held there longer than anyone except Hasan and the death row long timers. He gained none of the long timer privileges, despite participating in some of the protests. For years the classification board has been slow-walking his step-down, dangling it before him, then yanking it away.

They treat him this way, and have treated him much worse because he caught a Lucasville uprising charge, but didn't get the death penalty. Prosecutors have admitted they lied to the judge and jury about the primary evidence against Greg, who was on the yard when the uprising kicked off, and surrendered at the first opportunity.

Help get Greg out of the supermax by contacting the director of ODRC Gary Mohr at or 614-387-0588 to ask why he cannot be moved to another level 4 prison with privileges such as contact visits, recreation time, etc.

Email Greg through JPay:

Write to Greg:
Greg Curry
878 Coitsville Hubbard Rd
Youngstown, OH 44505

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