Friday, July 20, 2018

Unprofessional Analyst on (Paralysis) Mental Illness.

A new piece, written by Greg Curry.


Mental illness has many layers. It goes without saying that a person trying to physically harm themselves is mentally ill, not so defined is a prisoner sentenced to life confined to a prison of any security level whom continually wake up to be harassed by prison low wage cops, other prisoners instability that could manifest in a violent outburst at anytime, bad food, bad medical care, petty arbitrary rues, lack of fresh air, clean water, lack of any REAL hope beyond the next commissary day, or family visit. 

Year after year some prisoners hold out hope for a favorable court decision or parole hearing/security level reduction that never happen as he age as he internalize suppression of basic human rights as we normalize not being able to take a dump uninterrupted, endless strip searches, as the faith in one GOD or the other grows any sign of thirst/ resistance for FREEDOM diminish, the more hours given to PLAY the less likely anyone cares about there situation and yet tomorrow we're up bright and early smiling, happy, singing, dancing within the( acceptable) boundaries decided by our overseers this is mental illness !

Otherwise these GODS these COURTS these LAWYERS these PRAYERS this LOVE these DISTRACTIONS would be meaningless in the face of the actual fact that year after year we're still here! 

Let's get SANE, Let's have a Revolution of the mind. 



Greg has been an active prison rebel for years, despite being locked up in the supermax since being falsely charged following the Lucasville Uprising. Due to poor evidence against him at trial, Greg evaded the death penalty, which ironically put him in a worse situation for two reasons. First, Ohio only appoints appeal lawyers to death penalty cases, so he's been fighting his case on his own. Second, guards took it upon themselves to punish him and nearly killed him.

Despite clear evidence that the prosecutors lied to the jury and judge at his first trial (they boldy admit it in an appeal brief) his lack of representation has left his case neglected. The innocence project and other avenues of legal aid have said he has a strong case to overturn his uprising conviction, but he has since been convicted of years worth of new charges for defending himself against the guards who targeted him for alleged involvement in the uprising.

In truth, Greg never entered the occupied cell block during the uprising.

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