Friday, April 13, 2018

Lucasville Anniversary Coverage Roundup.

Here we will archive links to any media coverage from the uprising. If you notice anything we're missing, please contact and we'll get it added. Thanks!

Truth-out: Twenty-Five Years After the Lucasville Uprising it's Survivors are Leading a New Prison Resistance Movement.

Reportback from Solidarity rally at SOCF:

Audio report from that action.

Lucasville Uprising Survivors On Hunger Strike After Ohio Prison Officials Restrict Communications

Final Straw Radio interview with Mosi Paki and Niki Schwartz:

Worker's World Interview with Hasan:

Socialist Worker interview with Hasan:

SF Bay View article by Greg Curry:

The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center of Cincinnati published a short piece:

Newafrikan77 blogpost on the uprising:

Mainstream Coverage:

Associate press is re-running old articles from 1993:

Dayton Daily News:

Newark Advocate:

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