Saturday, August 20, 2016

OSP Hunger strike reaches third week

Monday August 29 marks the 15th day of the hunger strike against islamophobia and retaliation at Ohio State Penitentiary. OSP staff used a dishonest staff Imam to manufacture a pretext for cutting off Hasan's communication with The Free Ohio Movement and the national Sep 9 protest. Read more about this absurd accusation.

Please contact OSP and ODRC central office to support Hasan and the other Muslims on hunger strike. 

CALL Ohio State Penitentiary at (330) 743-0700 (no warden listed) or email and 
CALL Ohio DRC director Gary Mohr 614-752-1150

Ask to speak to or leave a message for Gary Mohr. “I am calling in support of Siddique Adbullah Hasan and other Muslim prisoners at OSP. Please drop the bogus conduct report against Hasan (R130-559) and fire Imam Said Ismail, replace him with a real Muslim faith leader who prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary can trust. ”

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