Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hunger strike at OSP Suspended

After a meeting with deputy warden of special services, Siddique Abdullah Hasan and the other muslims who were refusing food to protest the conduct report that framed Hasan to block his phone access resumed eating.

Hasan's attorney, Rick Kerger has filed a civil lawsuit, including a temporary restraining order which may resume Hasan's phone access before the 30 day restriction is up later next week.

OSP Hunger strike reaches third week

Monday August 29 marks the 15th day of the hunger strike against islamophobia and retaliation at Ohio State Penitentiary. OSP staff used a dishonest staff Imam to manufacture a pretext for cutting off Hasan's communication with The Free Ohio Movement and the national Sep 9 protest. Read more about this absurd accusation.

Please contact OSP and ODRC central office to support Hasan and the other Muslims on hunger strike. 

CALL Ohio State Penitentiary at (330) 743-0700 (no warden listed) or email and 
CALL Ohio DRC director Gary Mohr 614-752-1150

Ask to speak to or leave a message for Gary Mohr. “I am calling in support of Siddique Adbullah Hasan and other Muslim prisoners at OSP. Please drop the bogus conduct report against Hasan (R130-559) and fire Imam Said Ismail, replace him with a real Muslim faith leader who prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary can trust. ”

Detailed Update from Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan and other hunger strikers.


The conduct report described below is here. 

They have given me thirty (30) days restrictions. It was a deliberate plan to cut off my direct communications with the outside world prior to the national event/action, notwithstanding their own policy only permits them to suspend my privileges for a period of up to two hundred eighty-eight hours (See paragraph (C) of rule 5120:1-10-12 of the Administrative Code or disciplinary isolation.) This restriction policy became effective 2/16/2016.
I agree that prison officials are "so used to being invisible and hiding its corruption and abuses from the public"; however, we must reveal what happened in my recent situation. Thus continue to work with the media and attorneys to expose the problems in my case. (I plan on filing my appeal to the Warden on Monday.)
There are three of us--Keith Dewitt Jr., David Martin and myself--still on hunger strike. We are all Muslims and are dissatisfied with the contract Imam's work performance, treatment of Muslims, and using his position to remove Muslims from their services merely because they disagree with some of his teachings. The others that were on the hunger strike were showing their solidarity about me being wrongfully put in the hole. They were demanding that I be released from isolation. When that materialized, they ended their strike.
Hereunder are some of the problems in my case:
1. The incident allegedly took place on July 22nd; however, an incident report was not written until August 1st. The charge is very, very serious and no one would wait for 10 days before writing an incident report if it was true.
2. They then waited 8 more days before placing me in the hole (on August 9th) with a conduct report for a Rule 59 violation: Any act not otherwise set forth herein, knowingly done which constitutes a threat to the security of the institution, its staff, other inmates, or to the acting inmate.

Siddique Hasan on Hunger Strike Against Retaliation

hasan prayer
Youngstown, OH- On Thursday August 18, 2016 the Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) Rules Infraction Board (RIB) restricted Imam Siddique Hasan, of the Free Ohio Movement, from phone and email kiosk access. In response, Hasan and other Muslim prisoners have begun a hunger strike.
The RIB found Hasan guilty of violating Rule 59 of the OAC (Ohio Administrative Code) Section 5120-9-06 Inmate Rules of Conduct, which reads, (59) Any act not otherwise set forth herein, knowingly done which constitutes a threat to the security of the institution, its staff, other inmates, or to the acting inmate. ( )
According to the RIB conduct report, S. Ishmael, a freelance Imam who leads prayers and religious study classes at OSP and nearby Trumbul Correctional, accused Siddique Hasan of making threats against the institution. On August 1, 2016, Ishmael told OSP staff that Hasan had asked him to wear a suicide vest in to the institution. This conversation was supposed to have taken place during religious study on July 22. Hasan and other Muslims attending the class deny Imam Ishmael's allegation.
“The staff Imam's story is an absurd and offensive stereotype.” OSP prisoner David Martin told supporters over the phone. “If Hasan was supposed to have made this threat on July 22, why did it take nine days before the man told staff about it? What was he doing for those nine days?”

Hasan and his supporters believe that OSP administration pushed Imam S. Ishmael to lie against Hasan in order to have a pretext to deny the prisoner leader phone access. Hasan has been using the phones to speak about the struggles of prisoners, the Free Ohio Movement and particularly about the September 9 nationally coordinated prisoner work stoppage and protest.
On Tuesday August 2, Officer Mike Royko of the Ohio State Highway Patrol visited Hasan and asked him about the plans for September 9. According to Hasan, Royko described the ninth as a plot to blow up buildings and harm people during this interview. Hasan said he told Officer Royko that “Somebody must be sending you on a wild goose chase, because there’s no such thing that’s actually happened.”

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Greg Curry on Block Report Radio

Audio at

Lucasville Rebellion Survivor Greg Curry speaks on the September 9th National Prison Strike, his comrade Saddique Hasan being placed in the hole by the prison to disrupt his part in organizing the national prison strike, and the personal plight of Greg Curry. Tune in for more at Free'Em All!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ALERT! Call to defend Hasan now!

Siddique Abdullah Hasan, of the Free Ohio Movement has been transferred to the hole and denied access to communication and property.
Please call OSP immediately and daily 330-743-0700 until they release him.
Ask to speak to the warden and demand that Hasan be allowed back into his regular cell and regain access to his property. The person they connect you to may pretend they only know Hasan by the name Carlos Sanders, even though his name was legally changed to Siddique Abdullah Hasan decades ago. His prison number is R130-559.

Hasan is one of the few public spokespeople for the national protest that will start on September 9 of this year. Last week he was visited by law enforcement who inaccurately described Sep 9 as a plot to harm people and blow up buildings.
It is important that we stand up to repression and terror-baiting as soon as it rears it's head. Please call the prison and share this alert as widely as possible.
Thank you.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Conversations from Death Row: Keith LaMar Talks with childhood friend Sherman Whaley

[Update: Audio of this conversation is online here. The next Conversations from Death Row will be on Tuesday, Sep 13 from 5:30-6:30 EST. Keith will be calling in to Dr Paul Gordiejew's anthropology master's class. They will be talking about race and place.] 

Topic: Who did we become? Reconnecting after 30 long years...

On Tuesday August 9th, at 8:00 Eastern, folks across the country are invited to listen in on an interactive phone call with Ohio death row inmate Keith LaMar. His childhood best friend, Sherman Whaley, with whom he recently reconnected after 30 years of lost contact, will be on the call with Keith. Their talk will focus on how deep connections with other people, particularly those from our formative years, can impact a person's sense of self and ultimately shape who he becomes. The two will share what it has meant finding eachother back after a long search, as well as what they find valuable and important in their lives today and the communities from which they came.

Listeners are invited to join the conversation as a telephone audience for the hour-long call and also to send in live questions. Here's how: