Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hunger Strike Ends in Victory!

Tuesday 16 November:

"Great news! The hunger strike has ended! Keith expresses his heartfelt support. All the calls and messages made all the difference! Warden LaRose said they can keep all their books (25 in the cell at a time, the rest in storage), and CDs (50 in the cell at a time, the rest in storage). They can access that every month to swap out as they wish.
Also, he will be moving them to a different pod with lower security level guys (less tumultuous) very soon and there they will be able to access the kiosk (more ability to direct their own emails). He has asked them to take him at his word on this. So it's a victory!  Spread the word!"

On Sunday, before the strike was resolved, Keith sent this message of gratitude to everyone who called in and otherwise supported him during this protest:
"Hello Everybody:

Let me first take a moment to thank you all for calling and writing in; my heart is bursting with joy and determination, trust. I'm approaching the first full week of the strike, and it appears that things are due to get worse before they get better. Such is the nature of things. These people have no real notion of what it means to be human. And they're supposed to be "rehabilitating" me! They're the ones who need to be introduced to the fact that you cannot dehumanize someone without dehumanizing yourself in the process. When they finally learn that, maybe this world can elevate itself to a higher level of being. Be that as it may I am forever indebted to you all for the outpouring of support. It means so much, and I hope I can count on those of you who are able to attend the upcoming rally that is tentatively planned for next week. [note: with the resolution today, the rally is no longer needed] I think it's time we shed some much-needed light on this factory of human suffering and brutality. It's time to close this place down! They did it in California; we can do it here in Ohio. Human beings should not be made to suffer just so a handful of other equally poor people can feed and clothe their families. It's modern-day cannibalism!"

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