Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Update on Hunger Striker's Health

   Siddique Abdullah Hasan, #R130-559, phoned this morning and reported the following information about men in D-block at the Ohio State Penitentiary who have been on hunger strike since March 16, 2015.
    Timothy Peavy, #481-007, was coughing up blood.  Medical personnel came.  At the urging of the other hunger strikers, Peavy came off the hunger strike on April 5.  Peavy is now back in his cell in C-block.
    Joseph Nagel, #589-333, had been vomiting for three days. On April 6, medical personnel took him from D-block to the Medical Department and gave him an IV.  He was said to have been "going in and out," presumably meaning, going in and out of consciousness. 
    David Worley, #510-503, who was not a diabetic, has been having blood level problems.  This morning, April 7, a lab technician reported that his blood level had dropped tremendously.  Worley was taken to the Medical Department.
    Hasan believes that both Nagel and Worley are still on hunger strike.

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  1. Joe is my nephew. If they have him on IV can't they give him nutrition through the IV. If anyone can info to him please tell him his aunt Kathy said to eat because none of us want to have to tell his son that he died. And please tell him we love him.