Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hunger Strike Update...

As far as we know, three men from the hunger strike have suffered significant medical issues. We're not sure if those three are still on, but we're pretty certain that at least five of the hunger strikers are now on their 25th day without food.

Joseph Nagel #589-333 is doing better. He is out of the hospital. We're not clear if he is still on hunger strike. We believe at least one of the last two (either Timothy Peavy, #481-007 or David Worley, #510-503) who were sick went back to c block which would mean he is off the hunger strike.

OSP staff took away Siddique Abdullah Hasan's access to phone calls for a short time, and threatened to take it for a week, but have since restored it.

Students at The University of Toledo have organized a solidarity fast with the hunger strikers for Friday April 10th.

The Toledo Blade has published two editorials on the hunger strike, read them here:

and here:

The ODRC has stubbornly refused to do anything in response to supporter call-ins. We need to leverage other attention and pressure on them. Please focus your time on writing to your local paper, and to the elected officials on the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee.

Sandra Williams (D) Senate District 21 (614) 466-4857
Cliff Hite, Vice Chair (R) Senate District 1 (614) 466-8150
Edna Brown (D) Senate District 11 (614) 466-5204
John Eklund (R) Senate District 18 (614) 644-7718
Click the names to send emails.
Mailing address:
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 2nd Floor
Columbus, Ohio43215
Paul Zeltwanger (R) House District 54 (614) 644-6027
Nicholas J. Celebrezze (D) House District 15 (614) 466-3485
Bob D. Hackett (R) House District 74 (614) 466-1470
Michelle Lepore-Hagan (D) House District 58 (614) 466-9435
Click the names to send emails.
Mailing Address:
Vern Riffe Center
77 South High Street 13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111

You can also contact ODRC Director Gary Mohr and insist that he goes to OSP to visit with the prisoners.

Gary Mohr- 614-752-1150. 
Write letters:
Gary Mohr, ODRC Director, 770 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222


CALL/WRITE IN SCRIPT:"Hi, My name is ____ (or, I am a concerned supporter). I'm calling in support of the hungerstrikers at Ohio State Penitentiary. They have now gone over 25 days without food because they are being denied adequate religious services and access to recreation. Warden Forshey and OSP staff are not sufficiently responding to these prisoners' issues. I think this is ___ (unfair, inhumane, horseshit) and I'm requesting that you go to OSP and meet with the hunger striking prisoners. Please restore the very few "privileges" that they are afforded in this highly restrictive setting."

If you want to, you can leave a number for them to call you back.

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