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Hunger Strike Suspended- One Prisoner Continues Hunger Strike in Protest to Medical Malpractice

After extensive negotiations, and over 30 days without food, the hunger strikers have suspended their strike. This is a mixed victory, some demands were met, others not. The warden conceded as little as possible. For details on the end of the strike, and the one prisoner who is continuing to refuse food, please listen to the below recorded statement by Siddique Abdullah Hasan. If the file or player is giving you trouble, you can also listen to it here:

 Thank you everyone who called in and otherwise supported this hunger strike. OSP continues to be a monsterous place and an affront to decency and humanity. The battle to shut it down will continue.

Sedrick Tucker #117-137 remains on hunger strike because of private medical issues which have not been attended to. For more on the severe medical malpractice that James Kline routinely practices at OSP and nearby prisons, please read this post.

Hasan suggests supporters contact the Ohio Medical Board and ask them to look into Sedrick Tucker's medical situation and his mistreatment at Dr James Kline's hands.

Hasan also suggests contacting ODRC Medical Service Administrator and ask to send another doctor to review Mr Tucker's situation.

Stuart Hudson
Medical Service Administrator
770 W Broad St
Columbus OH 43222


This is Imam Siddique Abdullah Hassan, calling from Ohio State Penitentiary, Ohio's state of the art  supermax prison. As of today, April the 15th, 2014, myself and four other prisoners came off of the hunger strike that we started  back in March the 16th. As of this date only one prisoner remain left on hunger strike, and sometime before the end of this recording, I will explain the particulars of this case and what can the people in the media, activists, and others do to support this particular prisoner.

But for now, after several days of intense negotiation with Warden Jay Forshey and inmate body, we finally came to a peaceful resolution. We also had the assistance of attorney, of Alice and Staughton Lynd,  who helped us negotiate with the warden last Friday as well as yesterday which would be Tuesday.

So there was a lot of problems that had existed, we had to overcome some of the mistrust and other issues. For example, the warden did not wish to put anything in writing to us. He felt  if he were to do that, other prisoners would read what he put in writing, what he was conceding to or what he intended to give us that he felt was according to the law for us to have and other issues, that some prisoners, when they read that, they would try to go on hunger strike and force concessions out of him. That's why he did not wish to do it.

So what we agreed to was this. We agreed to a suspended, suspended coming off of the hunger strike. So we suspended the hunger strike. What that actually means is this. The warden has verbally told  us what he intends to do, and I will enumerate those things in a minute, and what he would not be doing. and he gave us  a time frame when these things would be accomplished. And if he does not accomplish them within the time frame that he actually gave us, then he is not negotiating with us in good faith, a good faith, and as a result we will go back on the hunger strike. So understand, the hunger strike has been suspended, depending upon the warden's action.

The things that he agreed to give us, let's deal with the religion first. As of next week, he said, no later than next week, 5B prisoners, which consist of over fifty prisoners who are on that level, they will be allowed to attend religious service again. That can easily be implemented because the program area where they will be, religious classes will be conducted is secure now after the non-fatal stabbing of one officer, so those prisoners will be allowed to have that. I specifically asked him myself with regards to the other programming, such as educational, anger management, and many of the other programs that prisoners use to participate in to better themselves. He said, no, it's not applicable to that, it's only applicable to the religious service, but he is not having a closed mind about it. Maybe somewhere down the line, these issues can be brought back up, and honestly, I think they should, because prisoners need education, they need to work on anger management, and
other programs that they have to offer here for other prisoners who can attend, but 5B cannot..
So that's the one thing he agreed to.

As for recreation, which was the second most important issue. He said that's non-negotiable. He's not going to negotiate with that. So that means that prisoners will no longer, at this point, be allowed to have range recreation. The only exception to that is there are a few prisoners, approximately seventeen to two dozen prisoners, will be allowed to have range rec and congregation. Again seventeen to twenty prisoners, where all the 5Bs, the 5As, and the 4Bs, they would no longer  be allowed to have range recreation.

There was nothing we could actually do, I mean, we couldn't just stay on this, until he concede, because if it's nonnegotiable, he's not going to concede.  It serves no purpose to continue to be on a hunger strike actually for something that's not a law. With regards to religion, religion is a law, but he's giving people rec outdoors and indoors recreation, it's just they would not be allowed to be on the range, an open space  area, to participate in recreation, and since that was a privilege and not a law, not a constitutional right, there's nothing we could actually to do force his hand in that respect.

But I would say this, about prisoners being in their cell twenty-four hours, twenty-three hours a day now. They get five days a week, and two of those days they'd be in their cell twenty-four hours a day. I don't agree with that, because I've been around some of these prisoners and other prisoners as well, and after being locked up for an extended period of time, people become angry, people become suicidal. So before the year if someone hanged their self as a result of being under an enormous amount pressure, being locked down like that, it would not come as no surprise to myself that that would come into existence. Because when you talking about long-term solitary confinement for extended period of time, things are bound to happen. So again, perhaps we can continue to revisit that issue, but there was nothing, that was not an issue we was willing to stay on the hunger strike about, since he found it to be nonnegotiable.

The third thing was in C block, the block that I'm currently in and the worst block there is in this institution, they have removed the floor mats for safety and health issue. But when we got to D block, when they moved myself and the other hunger strikers up to D block, we seen that they had never removed the shower mats from those blocks. When we confronted the warden, the deputy warden for operations, what they said, they was supposed to be moved, but they was not moved, so as a result, it appears that only in C block the floor mat was removed. Nevertheless, the warden has agreed that the floor mat has been reordered, they have been cleaned, and no later than next week, the floor mat in C block should be put back into the shower. Because after they removed them, prisoners were falling, busting their head open, they had to go to the hospital, and get staples and stitches put in their head. So that's something he agreed to.

Another thing with regard to this private vendor, private company that serves food throughout the state of Ohio, it's called Aramark. Aramark is a company that has problems all throughout the country. Many states have been filing lawsuits for Aramark for the small portions, the food sometimes can be inadequately nutrition, unsanitary, sometimes maggots have been found in
the food, and they always trying to do the things to cut costs. For example, they will give prisoners biscuits with syrup, as opposed to what the statewide menu required, pancakes and syrup. It requires soybean burger, but they make their own burger. They give prisoners saccharine sugar, that's for diabetes, we're not diabetics. So he's in discussion with the food service and some changes will actually be made in that respect with the problems with the food. We also had the problem with soggy bread, they would give us bread on the tray, and the steam on the tray would cause the bread to get soggy. They bring us coffee, the coffee would be cold and  half missing. So we're working on solutions to resolve that particular matter. That was the fourth matter.

And the final issue would be medical.  One person that's still on hunger strike.  We have the person that's still on the hunger strike because his medical problems has not been resolved to his satisfaction. His name is Sindrick Tucker, and his prisoner number is 178137. In the last couple days, when we was talking to the warden, we told him that we would not come off the hunger strike until he talked to Tucker about his medical situation and allow him to see the doctor. And the warden agreed to that, and he lived up to what he said he would do. He came to see Tucker, he brought the doctor to see Tucker. But because Tucker has filed numerous complaints against this doctor and the nurse practitioner here, I'm not sure if that's the reason the doctor did not do anything for him. But they try to prescribe him some pain medication, but the pain medication that he had intended to prescribe to him this time, was the same medication they had previously prescribed for him, and it didn't do him any good.

Myself and the other three prisoners, we had assured the warden, if he talked to Tucker and bring the doctor so the doctor can diagnose him, we would be coming off the hunger strike, and since we gave our word, we decided to honor our word, although we was dissatisfied with Tucker not being able to get the proper medical attention that he says he needs. But again, we had to honor our word, because a man's word is his actual bond.

With regards to Tucker, the warden explained that he's just the warden. He's not over the doctor. He cannot tell the doctor what to do and what not to do, because he did not diagnose Tucker. So it's out of his hands. And Gary Mohr, he's the director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, there's nothing that he can actually do, because he's not a doctor.

Within the last couple hours, I was trying to come up with ways how to best assist inmate Tucker. And I believe the correct way to do that is this. You have the State Medical Board in Ohio, one would have to go on the internet and get the mailing address,  the e-mail address as well as the phone number and fax. And the State Medical Board is the one that gives out the license to all doctors, nurses or anybody practicing any medicine in the State of Ohio, whether you be a  dentist or podiatrist or whatever. You have to go to the State Medical Board and they're the ones that renew each individual license. So one thing, people can contact the State Medical Board and ask them, would they look into Tucker's situation, if he can get some outside attention to his matter, because again he thinks he's being discrminated against because of the enormous amounts of complaints he filed against Dr. James Kline and nurse practitioner Miss Carter.

The second thing one can do, is that in the State of Ohio they have a head doctor. The head doctor of the Ohio Department  of Rehabilitation and Correction, they can contact Mr. Kline, or they can actually send Tucker's medical file to their office and they can review it themselves. This doctor is over all the other institutional doctors who are under contracts throughout the State of Ohio in Ohio's prisons. That doctor name is  Stuart Hudson. His title is Medical Service Administrator. Again, medical service administrator. His snail mail address is 770 West Broad Street, Columbus Ohio 43222. Call him, excuse me, snail mail, write him, but if you go on-line, you'll also be able to look up his phone number, his e-mail number, and his fax number, and I think if the concerned public were to call him, get in contact with him, by one of those methods, God willing they will look into Tucker's situation, have another medical expert to take a look at his situation, and hopefully his situation can be resolved amicably.

With regard to the people in the media, I encourage them to continue to bring exposure to this, and again, as long as the warden honor his commitment to do the things that he said, we would not go back on, we would not renew the hunger strike.

I thank everyone for their time and assistance.

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