Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hunger Strike Results Update

    Two of four safety floor mats have been installed in showers.

    Some improvements have been made regarding food service already. Others have been promised.

    The chaplain told a former hunger striker who is on level 5B that he is on the list for religious services.

    Sindrick Tucker came off the hunger strike on Monday, April 20.  He was kept in the infirmary for two days before he was returned to his cell.  He lost about 39 pounds, down to about 130.  He was "cool" with Ensure.  He was reassigned to a medical handicap cell with a shower in the cell.  His religious books were returned.

    Tucker had been trying to have the doctor see him for nearly a year.  The warden brought the doctor to see him.  His medication needs are being met and an MRI is pending.

    When he was being transferred from C-block to D-block [during the first week of the hunger strike] he was kicked by an officer.  The officer was disciplined.  Tucker had been given a conduct report and put on commissary restriction, but the officer's action was in retaliation for Tucker's being on hunger strike so the RIB disposition was thrown out.

    Tucker was given an opportunity for a long phone call with his mother.

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