Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chris Hedges Article on Hasan and the Uprising

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges has written a great article about Hasan, the Uprising and a revolutionary change in the US prison system for TruthDig.com
[Ed Note: Hedges' paragraph about the Lucasville 5 is unclear and potentially inaccurate.When he says Hasan was sentenced to death along with George, Keith, Namir and Jason it might read like they were sentenced to death for the same killing (of Vallandingham) in fact, LaMar had surrendered days before Vallandingham was killed, Jason, Namir and Hasan were charged with complicity in the killing, not the actual killing (and not even conspiracy to kill). A jury gave George life for the Vallandingham charge but was condemned on other false complicity in murder charges.
Also, we suspect Jason may balk at the statement that he rejected white solidarity. Prisoner allegiences and solidarity are more complex and nuanced than that.
And, this website seeks to consistently reject the Lucasville 5 label, because it leaves out guys who didn't get the death penalty, but were railroaded in even more overt ways, and (because as non-death penalty cases, they don't have court appointed appeal counsel) are possibly more likely to die in captivity than the five. We demand amnesty for all the Lucasville Uprising prisoners. All that said, this is an excellent article and we really appreciate Hedges' meeting with Hasan and writing it

We Kill Our Revolutionaries

Posted on Feb 22, 2015

By Chris Hedges

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Transcript of Oral Arguments.

On Dec 2nd, lawyers argued about whether or not some judges should say it's okay to kill Keith LaMar. We've posted the audio of the arguments, as well as analysis of some experts and non-experts, and Keith's thoughts on the subject.

Now, thanks to prisoner support crews across the country (shout out to Austin ABC, Tucson ABC, Bloomington ABC and Sacramento Prisoner Support) we've got a full transcript of the argument so you can read the desperate weakness of the state's argument for yourself.

Also, this is probably full of misspelled case names. If you know case law better than us and can help correct and maybe even reference the appropriate cases, we'll gladly update and improve it.

AND we may have mixed up which justice said what. Old white guys all sound the same. Sorry. Again, if you think we've got something wrong, email insurgent.ben@gmail.com and i'll fix it.

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