Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lucasville Aftermath Videos Surface

The Huffington Post recently reported that 90 minutes of video has surfaced on YouTube. Shot by correctional officers for politicians and inspectors who could not tour the facility themselves, the footage is basically a tour of the occupied cell block.

The videos include sometimes unfortunate and obliquely racist commentary from the correctional officer shooting it, as well as graphic images of the murder scenes. They also contain footage of graffiti espousing interracial unity and convict solidarity as well as images of the various ways the prisoners defended themselves and prepared for the state's luckily forstalled attack.

Below the videos, we've created a cursory list of times of potential interest for viewers.

2:48 - the stairwell where Officer Vallandingham hid when the riot first broke out. The ODRC had told correctional officers to hide in these stairwells in case of a disturbance, but they were not actually secure. The videographer focuses on this and repeats spurious claims that the cinderblock walls were broken in thirty seconds.

8:30 - the phone where prisoners called out to negotiate with the state. This is where George Skatzes sat trying to convince state officials to take them seriously while Anthonly Lavelle murdered Vallandingham. Skatzes is on death row, and Lavelle testified for the state, lying against the other prisoners and evading the death sentence himself.

9:25 - sheets hung from the ceiling under open ducts to catch gas canisters, in case officials decided to use chemical weapons on the occupied blocks.

13:09 - another place the wall was punched through.

10:40 - room where Aryan Brotherhood members held guards hostage. Includes a note from Officer Ratcliffe thanking his "AB brothers" for protecting him during the uprising.

19:40 - graffiti made by muslim prisoners.

20:28 - one of many Black and White together graffiti tags.
23:00 - buckets used as toilets because the administration shut own the plumbing.

24:00 - scorch marks from fires the prisoners used to keep warm, because the administration shut off the heat.

25:15 - MASH unit, where prisoners treated the injured or ailing.


1:30 - messages left by prisoners for staff on a white board.

3:00 - where the initial struggle which blew up into a full scale riot allegedly occurred.

3:10 - the gymnasium

12:00 - inside one of the security stairwells

17:20 - a message to state employees who return to the prison.

20:40 - the block where inmates were killed. In the state's case against Keith LaMar and Greg Curry they claim Keith somehow organized a "death squad" and committed all of these murders during the short time he went back into the facility to check on his property.

28:55 - a cell turned used by prisoners who maintained order and security during the uprising.


2:00 - a hole where prisoners attempted to break through one of the exterior walls. Much better constructed than the cinderblock walls guards were told to hide behind.

3:40 - a prisoner's poster of Malcom X, our tour guide disapproves.
5:00 - a place where prisoners broke through to the tunnels underneath the prison. Federal Agents were in the tunnels, and made recordings which were used as flimsy and questionable evidence during the trials.

6:15 - more convict unity graffiti, makes the videographer sick.

6:50 - L8, the cell block where injured guards and prisoners were taken out on the yard for emergency care.

10:58 - The videographer talking about irregularity in how recreation time was given on the day the uprising occurred.

11:50 - guerilla war fare graffiti

16:00 - videographer leaves camera on and goes to another part of the prison, which was not occupied during the uprising.

18:05 - hanging out with other guards anc cracking jokes.

21:00 - protestors outside SOCF demanding the facility be converted to permanant lockdown (ie supermax status).

24:24 - news broadcasts about that protest.

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