Sunday, December 7, 2014

Report Round Up for Oral Arguments

This post will link to all the things we know of relating to the Oral Arguments.


Full audio of the proceedings is online here.

Howard Tolley, a former 6th Circuit Clerk who knows what he's talking about wrote this summary of the arguments.

Ben Turk who knows Keith's case and what a nervous prosecutor looks and sounds like, but not so much about the law wrote this summary.


The most thorough info on Keith's story and situation is in his documentary and book, both entitled Condemned.

The best way to keep up to date on anything relating to Keith's struggle is his Facebook page.

Here's  an excellent 15 minute Prison Radio interview with Keith.

A more in-depth interview on The Final Straw.

A very brief blurb on Ohio NPR.

San Francisco Bay View did this article in advance of the date.

CORPORATE MEDIA (thanks Mattie!)-

Local News - Ohio

Inmate Challenges Convictions in Prison Slayings (Associated Press)

Local News - Outside Ohio

Inmate Challenges Convictions in Prison Slayings (Associated Press)

National News


Hundreds of Supporters Rally Outside Courthouse - Lucasville Amnesty

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