Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Voices of the Lucasville Uprising Volume 4

We have finished a new zine of writings from the prisoners. It's laid out for back-to-front printing.
Links to the first three volumes can be found on the resources page.

Keith LaMar (aka Bomani Shakur)
A Brief History (excerpt from Condemned)... 1
Jason Robb
Conference Statement... 5
Greg Curry
The Good, the Bad and the Honorable... 9
Re-Examining Lucasville... 11
North American ABC Conference... 13
Siddique Abdullah Hasan
Media Access Hunger Strike 14

ACLU Articles on Lucasville

The ACLU of Ohio published these articles about the Lucasville uprising, and their efforts to help sue the ODRC for denying media access to the prisoners.

Article about the history of the uprising and the lawsuit.

The lawsuit itself:

Article about visiting SOCF.

Ohio Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain on Condemned

We sent a copy of Condemned to Sean Swain, who read it and then sent it on to Governor Kasich, along with this letter.

April 22, 2014

Dear Governor Kasich,
Please find enclosed Condemned by Keith LaMar. It was sent to me nearly a month ago so that I could write a review. It took prison officials 24 days to get it to me. I received it at mail call yesterday. I had it read in under a day, and I am now sending it to you.
If you can read this, cover to cover, without tears of rage rolling down your face, you don’t have a pulse.
Last month you praised the three women who survived the brutal captivity, held for years by Ariel Castro. You spoke passionately about their courage and heroism. Read Condemned and you’ll be convinced that Keith LaMar is just as deserving of the medals you gave those three surviving women.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kunta Kenyatta and Mosi Paki

Kunta Kenyatta and Mosi Paki (left to right).

Mosi Paki has maxed out his uprising sentence and is among friends and family in Cleveland. He's adjusting to life on the outside after decades in prison, but hopes to attend upcoming events and participate in organizing.

Pictured here with Kunta Kenyatta, who was held in Lucasville in 1993, but in a different cell block during the uprising.

Bomani on the Final Straw

Interview with Bomani on the Final Straw, an anarchist radio show based out of Asheville NC, but synidcated nationally via the internets.