Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ways to get Keith Lamar's Condemned

Hello friends and supporters!

I am pleased to able to announce to you that Keith LaMar (Bomani)'s revised--and greatly expanded--version of Condemned is finished! I've been holding on to your email address for all these months. The process took a bit longer than we originally anticipated; he painstakingly and completely rewrote the book, putting his heart into telling all of his story. It's powerful! This is Bomani's appeal to the court of public opinion--the court he hopes will help him find justice--so please help spread the word! 

There are a few ways you can get the book and I will include links here for you:

1. We are doing a fundraiser to help Bomani raise enough money to purchase books to get the word out to various journalists and radio personalities. Because he is unable to earn money, it's impossible for him to accomplish this without our help. You can order your book through this link for $20, which will get YOU the book at its publishing cost, with the remainder of your donation going into the fund. We are running the fundraiser on indigogo through the end of February and this is the most helpful way for you to order the book. You are invited to donate more or less as you are able! 

2. You can order the book online at The cost is $14.99 plus tax and shipping/handling. 
Createspace gives us a few dollars back in royalty that Amazon does not. This helps Bomani to spread the word to journalists and reporters by supplying them a book with a letter.

3. You can also order the book online at Amazon for $13.21 plus tax and S&H/ at this link: 

4. If you are willing/able to sell books for Bomani to help spread the word, we can send you a bulk order for $10 a piece (this includes the shipping). You are free to sell them (in a bookstore, for example, or privately) for $10 or up to the sticker price of $14.99. If you have the means to pre-pay for a bulk-order, that is helpful, but if you cannot, we understand and can arrange to get you some books. You can collect and turn in the $10 per book to one of the organizers--we'll make arrangements for that. Contact Amy at or Ben at to make that happen.

5. Lastly, we are working on plans for a few book launch events around Ohio for the month of March. We'll invite you to these once the plans are more solid--and at these events, books will be sold for $10. 

Thank you so much for your interest in Keith/Bomani. He needs our help to spread the word and is grateful for any effort you can give to the cause. 

In solidarity,
Amy Gordiejew
Youngstown State University

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Condemned is Finished.

Hello Everybody, this is Keith Lamar, AKA Bomani Shakur, one of the Lucasville Uprising Prisoners. I'm reaching out to inform you all that I finally finished my book Condemned. My case, as you know will be coming up for oral arguments sometime in the near future.
My hope is that after reading my book you will feel compelled to join me in my efforts to stay alive. More than that my hope is that I can somehow use what has happened to me as an illustration of what can happen to any poor person in america. In a real sense then, this book isn't just about me or about what happened to these men after a prison uprising. It's about all of us. What happened to me can happen to you. Especially if you are poor. Especially if you are a minority. Especially if you are alone... or at least feel that you're alone.

Writing this book and talking to various people around the country I've learned that I am not by myself in this struggle and my hope is that in sharing this book with you all, that you all will come away with the same feeling: that we're not alone. We're not divided...
Really, contrary to what those in power would have us believe, there are more of us than there are of them. If we'd just turn around and look to the next person we will see that.