Sunday, December 7, 2014

Report Round Up for Oral Arguments

This post will link to all the things we know of relating to the Oral Arguments.


Full audio of the proceedings is online here.

Howard Tolley, a former 6th Circuit Clerk who knows what he's talking about wrote this summary of the arguments.

Ben Turk who knows Keith's case and what a nervous prosecutor looks and sounds like, but not so much about the law wrote this summary.


The most thorough info on Keith's story and situation is in his documentary and book, both entitled Condemned.

The best way to keep up to date on anything relating to Keith's struggle is his Facebook page.

Here's  an excellent 15 minute Prison Radio interview with Keith.

A more in-depth interview on The Final Straw.

A very brief blurb on Ohio NPR.

San Francisco Bay View did this article in advance of the date.

CORPORATE MEDIA (thanks Mattie!)-

Local News - Ohio

Inmate Challenges Convictions in Prison Slayings (Associated Press)

Local News - Outside Ohio

Inmate Challenges Convictions in Prison Slayings (Associated Press)

National News


Hundreds of Supporters Rally Outside Courthouse - Lucasville Amnesty

Prison Radio Interviews Keith LaMar

Really excellent short interview with Keith on Prison Radio. Please give it a listen.

Full Transcript below.

Reportback and Thoughts on Next Steps by Ben Turk

This is Ben Turk's reportback.
    Over one hundred friends, family and comrades of Keith LaMar (aka Bomani Shakur) gathered in the 6th Circuit district court Tuesday afternoon. We counted 90 packed like sardines on the benches of a "capacity: 60" court room and at least 15 in the audio-only overflow room upstairs. We all came with two purposes: to bear witness, and to show support. Due to the egregious injustice of the US legal system, the condemned man is not allowed to hear the oral arguments of his appeal himself. So we showed up for him.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Legal Summary of Oral Arguments by Howard Tolley

Howard Tolley is a University of Cincinnati professor and former clerk at the 6th Circuit court. This is his summary of what went down during the oral arguments...

            Over 80 supporters of Keith Lamar including a busload from Cleveland bore witness in Courtroom 403 and an overflow room of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals during oral argument Tuesday December 2.  The compelling, pre argument, 130 page brief submitted by his attorneys can be found here.

            A panel of three judges, Eric Clay a Clinton appointee and two Bush appointees, John Rogers and Raymond Kethledge posed challenging questions to Keith’s attorney David L. Doughten who responded effectively that the prosecutor’s withholding of exculpatory evidence violated constitutional guarantees of due process.  Although other members of the Lucasville five have now received the witness statements Keith needs, his representatives are still the victims of a mix and match game with a prosecutor’s summary of their statements and a separate list of names unconnected to what each said.

Notes from the Oral Arguments for Bomani Shakur's Final Appeal of the Death Penalty Sentence

2 December 2014

These are informal notes taken by a supporter. The hearing progressed quickly and was filled with legal jargon and case citations, so these notes are incomplete. Bomani Shakur's state name is Keith LaMar. Throughout these notes where “Bomani” shows up, “Keith LaMar” or “Mr. LaMar” was said in court. I wrote “Bomani” cuz fuck the state. The notes include the judges' questions and comments, but I wasn't able to record which judge said/asked what. I also include some comments on the context and indications of where my notes are incomplete in brackets.

Also, full audio is online here

Monday, December 1, 2014

Final Straw Interview with Keith LaMar

The Final Straw on Asheville FM did an interview with Keith LaMar a few weeks back, and they're airing it now leading up to the oral arguments on his appeal.

Rally and Court for Keith LaMar




Supporters of death row prisoner Keith LaMar will gather for his final legal appeal in downtown Cincinnati on Tuesday December 2nd. New evidence demonstrating his innocence has recently surfaced, and was deliberately withheld in his original trial. Supporters say LaMar has been held in solitary confinement for over 20 years for crimes which prosecutors knew he did not commit.

What: A rally immediately preceding the Oral Arguments for Keith LaMar's final legal appeal. Family, clergy, and community members from across the state will gather to pray, sing, and speak about LaMar and his case.

When: 12:45 PM, Tuesday December 2nd, immediately preceding the Oral Arguments at 2pm.

Where: Lytle Park, E 4th St, 2 blocks east of the Potter-Stewart Courthouse in downtown Cincinnati

Why: Over the past 20+ years, Keith's story, persistence, and intelligence have mobilized scores of supporters. Accomplished author and professor Denis O'Hearn says "Keith has a compelling defense against the capital condemnation he has endured at the hands of a system that is not just broken, but actively made not to work." A book and movie released earlier this year, both named "Condemned", have newly demonstrated his innocence and publicized his case.

Visuals: "Justice for Keith LaMar" banner, signs, t-shirts, speakers, and crowd of supporters; speeches, singing, and orderly procession to the Courthouse.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Events Across Ohio

There are a number of events coming up around Ohio, if you're in the state, please attend whichever of these events is closest to you. If you'd like to host your own event, please contact us at

Thank you.

FRI Oct 24th, 5PM Portsmouth- world premiere of Condemned!
Location: West Portsmouth Community of Christ 2235 Russell Ave
Contact: 606 932 2383

SAT Oct 25th, 5PM Cleveland- You are invited to the release of the second part of D Jones' documentary, "The Great Incarcerator" with amazing revelations about the injustices done to the Lucasville prisoners following the 1993 uprising. Siddique Abdullah Hasan will speak from inside the walls of the supermax prison. Meet representatives from a wide array of community organizations and the Ohio Green Party's gubernatorial campaign.
Location : The Khnemu Lighthouse, 966 East 105th Street, Cleveland OH 44108
5:00 PM.
This event is sponsored by the Lucasville Uprising Freedom Network and the New Black Panther Party.It is endorsed by the Carl Stokes Brigade. For more information call 216-925-9108 or 216-640-5418 or email .

FRI Nov 21, 6:30pm Columbus- Join us friday night as we watch Condemned, a documentary about his journey and have a conversation with Keith Lamar.
Location 82 E 16th Ave Columbus, OH 43201
Hosted by the Ohio Student Association.

Fundraiser to get people to

Indigogo Campaign to help get supporters to Keith's oral arguments. If successful this campaign will be split between Ben Turk- founder and maintainer of and D Jones, director of The Shadow of Lucasville to help us get to Cincinnati for Bomani's oral arguments. Bomani and his closest supporters in Ohio have requested that we come, bring our experience and knowledge and help organize and report back. We're both coming from Colorado.

Please help us make that happen without breaking out bank accounts. Donate and share!


40 Days to Justice + Condemned Film Release

   40 Days to Justice…
Today, Friday, October 24, marks just 40 days until Keith LaMar’s oral argument, Keith's Final Appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals, in Cincinnati. We’d like to invite those of you inclined toward prayer/positive thinking to participate in a daily reflection as we count down toward December 2nd. Each day, a specific area on which to focus your meditations will be posted on the Facebook page “Justice for Keith LaMar.” Please go to Facebook and “Like” his page and find each daily post there. We hope to raise our collective cries on Keith’s behalf, and on behalf of a broken justice system in the United States, with the belief that when many gather together, we will receive a response. Please invite others you know who might also lend their voices to 40 Days to Justice… If you would like to be emailed the daily reflection, please respond to this email to be added.
Day 40: We focus on physical strength for Keith, that ailment would leave his body, that strength and vitality would be restored. Let him feel himself again so that he can focus on the things that matter most in these critical days ahead.
Potter Steward U.S. Courthouse
100 East Fifth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Barbara Wolf (filmmaker), Carolyn Daly LaMar, and Lorry Swain (writer, producer)
  Keith LaMar, Condemned Documentary Film Just Released!
We are profoundly grateful to Scioto Peace and Justice, a chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, for producing Keith LaMar, Condemned. We also thank those who donated to help make the project possible. The film is a compelling 36-minute documentary that focuses on Keith LaMar, who was convicted and sentenced to die in the aftermath of the 1993 Lucasville Prison Uprising. It looks at the root causes of the prison uprising, validates allegations that Keith was railroaded into a death penalty case for something he did not do, and points to the prosecutors’ misconduct as being a central fact in many of the trials related to the Lucasville prison rebellion.
Keith LaMar’s death penalty case is now at the final appeal stage with oral arguments to be heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati on December 2, 2014. This is the last stage before the State moves ahead with its plans to execute him, unless he receives a favorable ruling. Keith hopes that those who plan to attend the oral argument will come as informed about his case as possible. Please try to attend one of the screenings in the upcoming weeks.
Screenings (thus far) include:

  • Friday, October 24 @ 5 p.m., West Portsmouth Community of Christ, 2235 Russell Avenue, West Portsmouth, Ohio, (606) 932-2383
  • FridayNovember 14 @ 7 p.m., Cleveland State University, Black Studies Department, Main Classroom Building, 2121 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, (440) 506-1104
  • FridayNovember 21 @ 7p.m., Freedom Hub, Summit on 16th , 82 E 16th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, (614) 622-8617

More dates/places to be confirmed and announced!
To host your own group screening of the documentary and schedule a call-in from Keith LaMar, please contact / (606) 932-2383 or / (330) 402-0848. We will provide you with event posters (see attached).

4. T-Shirts are Done!
If you would like to order a T-shirt, please contact The cost is $12 (+S/H) for sizes S-M-L-XL, and $15 for 2XL-3XL. Sales will help fund transportation for those who need a ride to the oral arguments in Cincinnati.
They look like this--> 

5. Spread the Word!
Facebook: Please go onto Facebook and like "Justice for Keith LaMar” and share the film screening event posters!
Tweet: #40daystojustice #justiceforkeithlamar #freekeithlamar 
Email: Attached you will find a descriptive blurb of the documentary to share with your contacts. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Keith LaMar's Oral Arguments Scheduled Dec 2nd.

After nearly two years of waiting, Keith’s oral argument date and time has finally been set!

This is a critical point in Keith’s proceedings and he needs us to show up for him now more than ever (since he won’t be allowed to attend)! Please plan to join us in support of Keith and recruit friends to come down with you to let the state of Ohio and the judges know that we are paying attention to their ruling.

The date is December 2, 2014 at 2 p.m. in Cincinnati. Supporters are starting to coordinate buses, and support activities. Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate.

Last month, in a move Keith supported, his lawyers requested to be removed for the case because their relationship had broken down. On Aug 20th, the Judges denied this motion. Their decision cannot be appealed until after the oral arguments. So Keith is forced to work with these lawyers for the time being. They have been in communication and hope to be able to work together through the oral arguments.

More information and organizing plans will be forthcoming, but please save the date, and start thinking about what you can do to show support on Dec 2nd!

New Zines From Greg Curry and Siddique Abdullah Hasan

 Supporters have edited and laid out two new zines, which are
now available on the resources page of this site.

First, Siddique Abdullah Hasan's supporters laid out a zine version of his interview with the ACLU, entited "Is Being Muslim in Ohio a Capital Crime?"

Second, Greg Curry's account of the numerous times he had to fight for his life against the ODRC. Repression Breeds Resistance.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Keith Lamar Legal Update

A message from Keith:

"After becoming aware of grass roots efforts to publicize my plight, my attorneys finally agreed to begin the process to recuse themselves from my case. I am presently seeking suitable replacements, attorneys who are prepared to protect my Constitutional rights. Admittedly, finding new counsel will be difficult, but I will not turn back now. I have persevered for twenty long years, and I intend to see things through to the bitter end (if need be). As always, I place my faith in the universal laws of life and, with practised patience, await a just resolution of my affairs. Please stay tuned; the fight has only just begun!"

Attachments after the jump: Letter from Keith to court of appeals, and to Kate (the recusing lawyer). 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Behavior Modification. Ohio Supermax Level System.

Jason Robb wrote and drew a zine about how the ODRC is manipulating prisoners to circumvent a supreme court ruling and keep beds filled at their supermax facility.

Behavior Modification. Ohio Supermax Level System.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bomani's Lawyers Request to be Removed.

From Justice for Keith LaMar...

Dear friends/supporters,

Please take a moment to read this VERY IMPORTANT update in Keith's case: Late last week, court-appointed counsel for Keith/Bomani filed paperwork requesting the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals remove them from his case. We aren't sure exactly on what basis these requests were made (perhaps they read his book?); nonetheless, Keith is happy at this news, because he had lost all confidence in his legal team back in 2012 and hasn't really even spoken to them since (see below for the explanation why).

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shadow of Lucasville Free Online

D Jones has released The Shadow of Lucasville for free online viewing. Watch it below, or at

We think it would be a shame if this release meant the film was only seen by individuals sitting alone in front of a screen. We know Hasan, Bomani and the other guys would very much still like to see communities of people gathering around the film, talking and asking questions over the phone. These conversations have often been the most powerful and emotionally transformative part of film screening events.

So, if you'd like to share this film with your community by setting up a screening, please let us know (email and we'll help you set up a phone call and a table of literature for people who want to make donations or take things home to read.

If you'd like to set up an event to host the film maker on your campus or community center, contact D Jones here:

Thank you!

The Great Incarcerator, part 2: The Shadow of Lucasville Screener from "urban nu-sense" on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Justice for Keith LaMar Documentary Fundraiser.

Scioto Peace & Justice, a local branch of the Fellowship of Reconciliation that is located near the Lucasville prison is trying to make a short documentary film about Keith LaMar's case, so we can grow support leading up to his oral arguments, which still have not be scheduled.

You can read more about and contribute to the fundraiser for that project here:

Friday, June 13, 2014

Keith Lamar on Reddit's Ask Me Anything

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ask Bryan Podcast Interview with Keith Lamar

69- Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur) - Exculpatory Evidence

Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur) has been sentenced to death by The State of Ohio for crimes that occurred during the Lucasville prison riots.
Since 1993 - 21 years, some 7,655 days and counting - Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur) has been held in solitary confinement for crimes, he claims, (and I Bryan Davis believe) he did not commit. Keith has not been held on death row with customary 'privileges', he has been in Solitary confinement, this is criminal, a wholly criminal act. I've no idea how Keith has managed to fight as long as he has, yet here he is, stating his case, telling his story. There are more men involved here, there are more stories, here is one...
Listen to this interview and follow through by visiting Keith's website, and I would urge you to read his book. - Bryan Davis
Understand- Keith may soon be legally Murdered by The State of Ohio.
Listen, act.

“My journey through this life has been and continues to be a mystery. I remain eager to understand it. As a human being, my fundamental goal is simply to be free to walk in the sunshine without man’s ugly bars of oppression hindering my movement. I’m talking about freedom in the purest sense: To love, to live, to laugh, to struggle, to cry and – even – to die a free man. To be free… These long years in solitary confinement have not turned me around. I’m still moving straight ahead. I still believe in the human experience and in the notion that love is the only freedom.” 
–Bomani Shakur, January 2014

Bomani Speaks - Articles & Daily Inspiration

"What Can I Do?" - Get Involved:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Voices of the Lucasville Uprising Volume 4

We have finished a new zine of writings from the prisoners. It's laid out for back-to-front printing.
Links to the first three volumes can be found on the resources page.

Keith LaMar (aka Bomani Shakur)
A Brief History (excerpt from Condemned)... 1
Jason Robb
Conference Statement... 5
Greg Curry
The Good, the Bad and the Honorable... 9
Re-Examining Lucasville... 11
North American ABC Conference... 13
Siddique Abdullah Hasan
Media Access Hunger Strike 14

ACLU Articles on Lucasville

The ACLU of Ohio published these articles about the Lucasville uprising, and their efforts to help sue the ODRC for denying media access to the prisoners.

Article about the history of the uprising and the lawsuit.

The lawsuit itself:

Article about visiting SOCF.

Ohio Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain on Condemned

We sent a copy of Condemned to Sean Swain, who read it and then sent it on to Governor Kasich, along with this letter.

April 22, 2014

Dear Governor Kasich,
Please find enclosed Condemned by Keith LaMar. It was sent to me nearly a month ago so that I could write a review. It took prison officials 24 days to get it to me. I received it at mail call yesterday. I had it read in under a day, and I am now sending it to you.
If you can read this, cover to cover, without tears of rage rolling down your face, you don’t have a pulse.
Last month you praised the three women who survived the brutal captivity, held for years by Ariel Castro. You spoke passionately about their courage and heroism. Read Condemned and you’ll be convinced that Keith LaMar is just as deserving of the medals you gave those three surviving women.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kunta Kenyatta and Mosi Paki

Kunta Kenyatta and Mosi Paki (left to right).

Mosi Paki has maxed out his uprising sentence and is among friends and family in Cleveland. He's adjusting to life on the outside after decades in prison, but hopes to attend upcoming events and participate in organizing.

Pictured here with Kunta Kenyatta, who was held in Lucasville in 1993, but in a different cell block during the uprising.

Bomani on the Final Straw

Interview with Bomani on the Final Straw, an anarchist radio show based out of Asheville NC, but synidcated nationally via the internets.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keith Lamar on CKUT Prison Radio

Prison Radio Montreal on CKUT interviewed Keith Lamar (Bomani Shakur) about Condemned.

You can listen to the interview here:

Full transcript below:

Talking Points and Ways to Support Keith While We Wait for the Hearing Date.

On March 8, friends and family of Keith Lamar gathered in Youngstown to discuss and strategize going forward. Communicating with Keith via telephone, they developed a list of talking points, and action items.

The first action, is emailing Tavis Smiley (at to request that he interview Kieth on his show. Talking points and more support actions below.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review of Condemned in SF Bay View.

‘Condemned’ by Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur)

February 27, 2014
Review by Denis O’Hearn
When I was asked to write a review of Keith LaMar’s “Condemned,” I wondered if I was the best person to do it. First of all, I wrote the foreword to the book. Plus, as you’ll see when you read this book – and I hope you do – we are the closest of friends, really brothers. That must mean I am a bit biased, right?
'Condemned' by Keith LaMar coverWell, I will admit my bias from the beginning. I regularly visit Keith LaMar, or Bomani Shakur, as I know him. We correspond and talk on the phone. He and his comrade Jason Robb have been regular visiting professors (by phone) to my classes at Binghamton University.
Rather than disqualifying me from reviewing this book, however, all of these things should make you listen a bit closer to what I have to say. Especially if you come from California, where the injustices that Keith LaMar outlines in this book, and the severe consequences of such injustices, are all too familiar.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ways to get Keith Lamar's Condemned

Hello friends and supporters!

I am pleased to able to announce to you that Keith LaMar (Bomani)'s revised--and greatly expanded--version of Condemned is finished! I've been holding on to your email address for all these months. The process took a bit longer than we originally anticipated; he painstakingly and completely rewrote the book, putting his heart into telling all of his story. It's powerful! This is Bomani's appeal to the court of public opinion--the court he hopes will help him find justice--so please help spread the word! 

There are a few ways you can get the book and I will include links here for you:

1. We are doing a fundraiser to help Bomani raise enough money to purchase books to get the word out to various journalists and radio personalities. Because he is unable to earn money, it's impossible for him to accomplish this without our help. You can order your book through this link for $20, which will get YOU the book at its publishing cost, with the remainder of your donation going into the fund. We are running the fundraiser on indigogo through the end of February and this is the most helpful way for you to order the book. You are invited to donate more or less as you are able! 

2. You can order the book online at The cost is $14.99 plus tax and shipping/handling. 
Createspace gives us a few dollars back in royalty that Amazon does not. This helps Bomani to spread the word to journalists and reporters by supplying them a book with a letter.

3. You can also order the book online at Amazon for $13.21 plus tax and S&H/ at this link: 

4. If you are willing/able to sell books for Bomani to help spread the word, we can send you a bulk order for $10 a piece (this includes the shipping). You are free to sell them (in a bookstore, for example, or privately) for $10 or up to the sticker price of $14.99. If you have the means to pre-pay for a bulk-order, that is helpful, but if you cannot, we understand and can arrange to get you some books. You can collect and turn in the $10 per book to one of the organizers--we'll make arrangements for that. Contact Amy at or Ben at to make that happen.

5. Lastly, we are working on plans for a few book launch events around Ohio for the month of March. We'll invite you to these once the plans are more solid--and at these events, books will be sold for $10. 

Thank you so much for your interest in Keith/Bomani. He needs our help to spread the word and is grateful for any effort you can give to the cause. 

In solidarity,
Amy Gordiejew
Youngstown State University

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Condemned is Finished.

Hello Everybody, this is Keith Lamar, AKA Bomani Shakur, one of the Lucasville Uprising Prisoners. I'm reaching out to inform you all that I finally finished my book Condemned. My case, as you know will be coming up for oral arguments sometime in the near future.
My hope is that after reading my book you will feel compelled to join me in my efforts to stay alive. More than that my hope is that I can somehow use what has happened to me as an illustration of what can happen to any poor person in america. In a real sense then, this book isn't just about me or about what happened to these men after a prison uprising. It's about all of us. What happened to me can happen to you. Especially if you are poor. Especially if you are a minority. Especially if you are alone... or at least feel that you're alone.

Writing this book and talking to various people around the country I've learned that I am not by myself in this struggle and my hope is that in sharing this book with you all, that you all will come away with the same feeling: that we're not alone. We're not divided...
Really, contrary to what those in power would have us believe, there are more of us than there are of them. If we'd just turn around and look to the next person we will see that.