Friday, May 31, 2013

Only One Here

Only One Here is a poem written by Greg Curry in May of 2013.

At school many years ago, smart as the best yet not willing to be it, on the playground tough as the rest and all too willing to show it.

Am I the only one here?

In the streets, hustling hard, whe arrested time and time again, tried to fool them all. My parents said:  “You passed curfew…”I’d say: “Not at all.”

Am I the only one here?

In a club, or before a judge, surrounded by people, I was the only one there.
Doing this time in prison, I’m the only one here. Day in and day out, for sure it’s my time to do just to be clear, I’m the only one here.

Even in a prison full of people, some friends too, I’m the only one here.

Met a beautiful person, became one in thought, commitment, spirit, true love defined! Introduced her to my family. We discussed the situation and decided as one was the way to go. There was no faking it, we were each other’s joy, or so it seemed.

Without warning so many unanswered questions & absences. During those slow moving moments, I’ve become painfully aware: I’m the only one here, not here in this cell but here in what’s left of joy.

Yet yes in this cell I’m the only one here to work it out, figure it out, what is the formula to figure it out when you gave your best, nothing less, and your movements thus options are limited far as what if anything more you can do.

That’s when you know you’re the only one here.

Peace & blessings to all the “only ones here”
Freedom First,
May 31st, 2013

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