Monday, April 15, 2013

Lucasville Uprising Hunger Strike Call-in Script.

Greg Curry
Bomani Shakur (Keith Lamar)
Jason Robb
Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan
Please call in today in support of Lucasville Uprising Hunger Strikers at Ohio State Penitentiary. Greg Curry, Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Jason Robb, and Bomani Shakur have been on hunger strike since Thursday April 11th. They are demanding that ODRC allow media outlets to have sit-down, on camera interviews with them. 

Call Warden David Bobby at OSP 330-743-0700 ext 2006.

Call Central Office at 614-752-1159.

Call in script: "Hello, I am calling in support of the Lucasville Uprising Prisoners on hunger strike. I believe the public deserves to know their stories and the media should be allowed to interview them on camera. Please grant their demands."

Supporters can also write to the prisoners at the following addresses.

Greg Curry 213-159
Siddique Abdullah Hasan R130-559
Jason Robb 308-919
Bomani Shakur (Lamar) 317-117

878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road
Youngstown, OH 44505

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