Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Correctional Institution Inspection Committee on 20th Anniversary

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Subj: [CIIC] 20th Anniversary of the Lucasville (SOCF) riot
Good afternoon.  April 11 marks the 20th anniversary of the Lucasville prison riot, which resulted in the deaths of nine inmates and one corrections officer at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, the state’s maximum security facility.  It is not only the deadliest prison riot in Ohio, it remains the longest prison riot  in U.S. history.  The riot prompted a massive reconsideration of corrections in Ohio.  The following are some recent news articles regarding the riot and the changes in the system since 1993:

The following are additional articles regarding Ohio corrections that have been in the news within the past week (please note that my inclusion of any links in this email does not constitute my agreement or support of the statements in the articles or their perceptions of the DRC; however, I always support the public’s interest in and engagement with corrections).

Security Threat Groups/Prison Gangs (related to CIIC’s STG data brief):
(If you have further interest in Ohio’s STG population, you may also want to read the following relatively recent research article from DRC staff: https://www.aca.org/research/pdf/ResearchNotes_October2012.pdf)

DRC overtime (related to CIIC’s DRC overtime data brief):

Work programs at Lebanon Correctional Institution:

Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of corrections oversight in Ohio.


Joanna E. Saul
Executive Director
Correctional Institution Inspection Committee

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