Friday, March 22, 2013

Perspective from Inside.

"I was there at Lucasville.  The conditions were bad.  The administration kept taking things away from the inmates.  They were harassing the Muslims, forcing them to take TB shots.  This is one of the big reasons the riot went down.

"I knew of the riot 2 months before it went off.  Several [word missing?]  were going around, getting everything ready.  The food was bad, they gave us less time out of the cell.  I know this:  the administration wanted this riot to happen.  They even tried to start a race riot.  The administration did, and there are a lot of racists, black and white. 

"To me the riot was senseless.  They didn't get nothing accomplished!

"[More recently?] Central Office and our new governor tried to start a riot by taking smoking away; nothing happened."

August Cassano. A145-242, POBox 5500, Chillicothe  OH  45601

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