Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ManCI guards targetting Abdush-Shahid Faruq

Abdush-Shahid Faruq is being targeted for retaliation by guards at Mansfield Correctional.

You can call ManCI and complain. We have heard many complaints about ManCI's unruly staff and corrupt RIB practices. Anyone familiar with Sean Swain's recent troubles with ManCI staff won't be surprised by Faruq's story. Let the warden know that people outside are paying attention to his staff's misdeeds.

Please call (419) 525-4455 ask to speak to Warden Terry Tibbals or Deputy Warden Scott Basquin. 
You could also call Director Gary Mohr's office at 614-752-1150 and request better oversight of the Warden and staff at ManCI.

Details from Faruq, after the jump.

These least few months have been trying to say the least. In September I  received a court order to file my merit brief within 40 days. On November  6, 2012, an officer conspired with an inmate to put a knife in my cell,  the officer open the cell door for the inmate to enter it. This occurred  at about 10:11am shortly after the inmate enter and exit my cell, at 10:46am. The same officer shook down my cell a second time and found the
knife, the officer shook down my cell two times in 30 minutes.

They put me and my celly in the hole, remember I have 40 days to file my  merit brief to the Ohio Supreme Court. Approximately 9 days after being  put in the hole, I go to the R.I.B., the RIB chairman informed me and my celly that he was throwing both conduct reports out because the officer shook down my cell the second time for retaliatory purposes. The RIB found my celly not guilty, during my hearing the officer who wrote the conduct report bust into the RIB room and started arguing with the chairman and after arguing for 20 minutes the RIB found me guilty and recommended L.C. placement.

The warden reversed my RIB conviction and place dme back in population, I had less than 20 days to file my merit brief. I had to work on the brief all day and night to get it done. The brief was filed on December 3, 2012.

I was inundated and flooded with things I need to do, now I'm all caught up and now I can focus on other things, but it will be a challenge playing defense against these Mansfield guards. They said they were going to get me. Now the guards are paying inmates cigarettes to put knives in my cell, it did not work, what's next? I believe the guards will pay an inmate to assault me and when I defend myself, I'm sure to go to the hole or back to OSP."

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