Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ManCI guards targetting Abdush-Shahid Faruq

Abdush-Shahid Faruq is being targeted for retaliation by guards at Mansfield Correctional.

You can call ManCI and complain. We have heard many complaints about ManCI's unruly staff and corrupt RIB practices. Anyone familiar with Sean Swain's recent troubles with ManCI staff won't be surprised by Faruq's story. Let the warden know that people outside are paying attention to his staff's misdeeds.

Please call (419) 525-4455 ask to speak to Warden Terry Tibbals or Deputy Warden Scott Basquin. 
You could also call Director Gary Mohr's office at 614-752-1150 and request better oversight of the Warden and staff at ManCI.

Details from Faruq, after the jump.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Adbush-Shahid Faruq Legal Work.

Staff at Mansfield Correctional are harassing and targeting Lucasville Uprising prisoner, Abdush Shahid Faruq. We expect to share more information on this soon.

Faruq has also completed work on a legal brief for the Supreme Court of Ohio. Which is available for download here.