Saturday, December 22, 2012

Derek Cannon (Abdul Wajid Abu Rakim)

Derek Cannon was injured during the uprising. He's been falsely convicted of kidnapping hostage guards and served almost 14 years in supermax at OSP. This is Derek's story.

I am formerly out of Youngstown, Ohio. I was convicted in Mahoning County common pleas court of one count of aggravated robbery with a 3 years gun specification. July 1985, at the age of 35 I started on another prison sentence- thus becoming 185-291. While in prison (Southern Ohio Correctional Facility- SOCF, located in Lucasville, Ohio- Scioto County) I embraced Al-Islam- thus becoming Abdul Wajid Abu Rakim. I'm a Sunnah Muslim that adhere to the Hanfi school of thought.

April 11th, 1993- the Muslims, aryan brotherhood and black gangsters decided jointly to protest the inhumane conditions of our imprisonment and harsh treatment perpetrated by Warden Arthur Tate, whose understanding was zero- Warden Tate's policy was do as he say and question it later. Warden Tate was forcing young black prisoners to cell with racist white prisoners and that created a lot of racial tension and racial fights. Warden Tate would not permit certain prisoners to engage in prison activities after 6 o'clock... no gym, no dayroom, no job, no library, etc. And when Athur Tate told the muslims that he would force us to take tuberculosis (TB) shots that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

11th of April 1993, we decided to peacefully protest. L-block was seized. I was in L4-16, in my assign cell. I was let out of my cell by masked prisoners who took over operation of L4. Guards abandoned their post to take refuge in the stair-well. I came out to get hurt by fighting prisoners- my right hand was badly cut. I left L-Block with Andre' Stockton. We went to SOCF's infirmary. Our injuries were so severe that we were transported to Ohio State University Hospital. We went in separate ambulance. I was treated and I was sent back to SOCF on 12th of April, 1993. I stayed in a cage at SOCF for about 3 to 4 days. I slept on a hard wood bench while several shot-gun totting guards stay watch over me. I was fed 2 sandwiches per day. When the CO was killed- Major Crabtree ordered a strip cell for my confinement. I saw and heard guards crying and screaming "those niggers killed bobby". They didn't feed me and I was sprayed with gas whenever I slept, buck naked on concrete floor. I went days without food and I thought the guards would kill me as they killed John Ingram, Lincoln Carter, Jimmy Hayes, and many others. C.O.s would dress in their KKK sheets and wave a hanging rope in front of my room.

Eventually, I was moved to D2-26, and i was moved frequently until i was placed in K3-17- a death row cell-block. I was on the range with 6 other black prisoners- Keith Lamar, Tiger Scales, Smitty, Ronnie Fears, Howard Artis and another who I'm unable to recall. I was among the first 5 to be indicted by the Scioto County Grand Jury- S. A. Hasan, Roger Snodgrass, Orson Wells, and Darnell Alexander were my alleged -co-defendants. Wells and I was the only two that was still at SOCF.

I was indicted of arson, felonious assault, and kidnapping. I was found guilty of kidnapping C.O. Clark and C.O. Michael Hemsley and not guilty of assault and arson. C.O. Hemsly lied to claim that my co-defendants and I took C.O. Clark and him outta L5 stairwell to hold him hostage in L4 day room. Hemsley again lied to state that I injured my hand while breaking the glass in that stairwell door - and I'm supposedly with a badly cut hand took his coat to set it on fire and throw it through the broken glass. Jurors were shown photos of L5 stairwell door and it shows no traces of burn marks- no indication of a fire. So I wasn't found guilty of the arson and assaults- if Hemsley lied about the fire- it should have been outwardly obvious that he lied about everything. I didn't take Hemsley or Clark outta that stairwell.

I didn't take the stand in my behalf because my attorney, Robert Neal Rosenberg ex Pike County Prosecutor, a jew, advised me not to take the stand. Rosenberg no doubt didn't have my best interest to heard. He hates Muslims.

I went back to SOCF after staying at Correctional Receiving Center (CRC) for about two months. I stayed at SOCF until march 1996- I was transferred to Lebanon Correctional Institute (LCI) because C.O.s at SOCF were beating me, messing with my food, and paying prisoners to fight me. So attorneys Nikki Schwartz and Vincent Nathan had department of correction to place me at LCI out of harm's way.

I stayed at LCI for more than 2 years, and May 5th, 1998- I was sent to Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP- the new super-max prison) I stayed in OSP for almost 14 years. I'm in Toledo Correctional Institution now. 

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