Friday, June 8, 2012

Jason Robb Declaration of Hunger Strike

written by Jason Robb, Wednesday June 6th, 2012, on the first day of his hunger strike.

To: Warden Bobby
From: Jason Robb 308-919
Date: 6-6-12
Ref.: Hunger Strike

Sir on 6-6-12 I started my hunger strike on the evening meal. The reason behind the hunger strike is simple; after being denied security reduction once more by another meaningless hearing with no real substance, and being lied to by numerous administrators, and after 19 years of isolation I have decided not to play this sick twisted game of revenge by the administration any longer, I am not a puppet, I am a man facing death in the eyes and I refuse to blink. Your lust for your pound of flesh and eye for an eye outlook does not move me. I refuse to be the fictional character you try to project me to be. My friend George Skatzes has been housed with other Death Row Prisoners for 14 years now, and the ongoing boiler plate nonsense you continue to throw at me to justify your continued mental games is just that. I will not eat until I am at Chillicothe Correctional Inst., Death Row unit around other Death sentenced Prisoners and treated and given the same privileges they have, there is nothing to speak on, my request is simple and to the point.

Jason Robb 308-919 C-6-23

Warden Bobby's denial of Jason's appeal

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