Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Letter from Niki Schwartz

 By Attorney Niki Z Schwartz, for Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Dec 1998.


  1. Nikki dont makes excuses for what those so called men did! They killed one man injured many more and held 5 hostages! I dont feel one ounce of sympathy for any of the rioters! RIP Robert Vallandingham!

  2. The state of ohio held thousands of men hostage at SOCF in 1993, and still does today. Staff there beat, tortured and killed men with no reason.

    Nikki Schwartz is arguing that the men the State of Ohio is fixing to kill are innocent. Elsewhere on this site you can find Staughton Lynd argue that the man who actually killed Vallandingham was the state's star witness, and you can find video of Prosecutor Danliel Hogan all but admitting it.

    The convictions following the Lucasville Uprising are not based in realities of what occurred in SOCF in 1993, they are based on the state desperately trying to avoid responsibility for the brutality and fragility of their institution.