Friday, October 19, 2007

From Inside Out

Description of Ohio State Penitentiary, written in October of 2007, by Mosi Paki.

Prior to 4 May 98 SOCF (southern oh correctional facility) the only max prison in oh was the dumping ground and threat used on profiled and institutionalized cruel prisoners, as of May 98 OSP (oh st penitentiary) high-max/supermax is the new threat and dumping ground, this $80 million 500 bed supermax was and is a rush to waste tax dollars and erroneously label at least 50% of OSP prisoners with a high max/supermax status level, failure to find 500 prisoners to fit their failure, OSP is housing level 5, death-row and level 4 prioners to keep up a population count. The break-down is level 5 (composed of 5A longtermer/permanent, 5A and 5B prisoners) in C block which also houses seg/hole in c/ a seg/hole for levels 5 and 4 prisoners, c5 and C8 are seg/holes for OSP camp inmates (level 1 prisoners), B and D block house death-row prisoners with D block being their honor (?) block, A block houses level 4 prisoners, all blocks have 8 pods and each pod has 16 single man cells, 8 on the upper range and 8 on the lower range. Other than death-row and prisoners of the SOCF riot related charges, the majority of prisoners are in OSP on RIB (rule infraction board) hearing convictions, about 50% of these convictions are profiled charges ℅ guards and extraction teams put on prisoners, the remainders are instutitionalized cruel prioners, for the 50% that are profiled there is no course of relief to overturn injustice through prison policies which is in effect complaining to a higher ℅ about a lower level co-worker which goes nowhere except further profiling within OSP to keep seg/hole and celling [illegible] up to maintain justification for federal and state tax dollars for operation, this penal business is a massive rip-off of workers’ taxes at the mental abuse/torture to prisoners within OSP, being in the first group of 6 prisoners in OSP 4 May 98 i see and hear the results of mentally tortured prisoners in my ongoing 9 years here, as a 5ALT/permanent prisoner on a railroading by way of a 96 RIB hearing, these prisoncrats have professionals to cover their their fascistic operation and abuse of workers tax dollars here at OSP.


Mosi Paki
PO Box 1436
Yng, OH 44301

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