Thursday, April 14, 1994

George Skatzes' letter to his attorney (1994)

Taken over and edited for scan-typos from:   

The following was typed 2/13/98 by Ann Louck from George Skatzes' 16 Pages of handwritten notes:
George W. Skatzes A-173-501 
P. O. Box 5500
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 

Thursday, February 3, 1994

Bomani Shakur Statement at Sentencing

"To begin with, I already know that there's nothing I can say that haven't already been said; but being that this is my life, I feel obligated to say something.  Seems like everybody has something to say and everybody have an opinion on what they feel should be done with my life. Well, I want to say what I feel about my own life and what not.