Friday, September 18, 2015

Legal Response to Court Decision Against Keith LaMar

Bomani's lawyers filed this petition for an En Banc re-hearing of his appeal. His appeal was heard by three judges from the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  If the En Banc petition is accepted, all sixteen judges will hear and vote on the arguments.

This is the petition filed by Keith's lawyers.

Staughton and Alice Lynd also filed an amicus memorandum supporting the request for an En Banc hearing.

This is their request for leave to file it.

This is the memorandum itself.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Keith LaMar's Response to Court Decision

5 September 2015

Hello everybody:

Well, I finally received and read the court’s decision. What can I say? It’s so blatantly bogus that it’s almost impossible to form words to describe how I feel. It’s tragic. I mean, I’ve read the State’s theory quite a few times over the years, and I’ve refuted it every step of the way. But to now have it stand as the final word on the matter is a real slap in the face (to say the least). This system is such a joke, and these people, with their fancy titles and fancy robes, are nothing but a bunch of racist idiots with power—a power that they don’t deserve. And I’m expected to continue this charade by filing this or that motion, writing to this or that person, as if appealing to these people’s supposed conscience really means something beyond reducing me to a sniveling fool. I’m done with that. I’m done pleading and begging for my body, as if “my life” is something that they can truly take. My life is the sum total of all the thoughts and feelings that reside inside my mind, and they can never touch that.

We’ve given these people (?) way too much power over us, entrusted them with too much that is too precious, only to have them use, abuse and confuse us over and over again. Why? Why do we continue to believe in this dream, this lie that we live in a post-racial society that recognizes only human beings? When will we ever wake up and see that all they have ever done is hide what’s real by revealing what’s false? I mean, contradiction after contradiction, and we swallow it all. Why? And this is how we’re expected to live our whole lives: watching little boys get gunned down at the playground for playing with toy guns—and no one is held accountable. How is that justice? A man standing on the sidewalk selling cigarettes (in the richest country in the world, no less) is murdered in broad daylight, on video, for everyone to see—and still no one is held accountable. And I’m supposed to be shocked and surprised that I lost my appeal? Let’s get real. They’ve been killing niggers for centuries around here—hanging ‘em, burying ‘em, tar and feathering ‘em. . .  And ain’t I just a nigger, a THING? No? Well, tell that to the Supreme Court who, in 1875, declared that Dred Scott could not sue for his freedom because HE WAS NOT A PERSON, BUT PROPERTY. Better yet, tell it to Eric Garner’s family who, instead of receiving justice for their loss, were given a bag full of money to bury their grief, as if he was some kind of farm animal. Make no mistake: when it comes to the so-called “justice system” in this country, we’re still stuck in the 1800s; the only thing that has changed is the vantage point from which we view what we choose to see. So look closely, adjust your scope, and you’ll see the tree and the rope. They’re still hanging niggers in America!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Keith LaMar

The United State Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit released it's decision on Keith's Dec 2nd appeal.

They found against Keith. This means Keith's case progresses to the Ohio Adult Parole Board, who will set an execution date. Our next moves will be coming, but, first, here is Keith's initial response to the news.

A statement from Keith LaMar/Bomani...

Hello Everybody:

I write this under the assumption that most if not all of you have heard the news: they turned down my appeal. I only recently found out myself and haven't had the opportunity to read the actual Decision; when I receive it, I'll extend my response. For now, just know that I am standing firm within myself and not at all wavering in my determination to continue the fight. As I see it, there's only so

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Free Alabama Movement Radio

Hasan called in to the Free Alabama Movement's radio show on Thursday July 9th. Listen to the full 2 hour episode below, or here:

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Never Dormant on Death Row

Sacramento Prisoner Support and other friends put together this zine of Hasan and Bomani's conversation about the Ferguson rebellion and The Black Lives Matter Movement.

Into from the zine:
On April 11, 1993, the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, OH, was rocked when prisoners took control in what was the longest prison uprising in U.S. history. Prisoners were fighting back against a long string of new, harsh policies being implemented by the new warden, Arthur Tate. Mandated Tuberculin skin testing mandated with injections containing alcohol, which Muslim prisoners politely requested an alternative testing method to. Tate’s refusal to comply, along with his utter disrespect of Muslims, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Rising as one, with racial differences ignored, the prisoners took control of the facility. Several guards were taken hostage in the process. For eleven days a standoff existed. During that time, nine prisoners and one guard were killed

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hunger Strike Results Update

    Two of four safety floor mats have been installed in showers.

    Some improvements have been made regarding food service already. Others have been promised.

    The chaplain told a former hunger striker who is on level 5B that he is on the list for religious services.

    Sindrick Tucker came off the hunger strike on Monday, April 20.  He was kept in the infirmary for two days before he was returned to his cell.  He lost about 39 pounds, down to about 130.  He was "cool" with Ensure.  He was reassigned to a medical handicap cell with a shower in the cell.  His religious books were returned.

    Tucker had been trying to have the doctor see him for nearly a year.  The warden brought the doctor to see him.  His medication needs are being met and an MRI is pending.

    When he was being transferred from C-block to D-block [during the first week of the hunger strike] he was kicked by an officer.  The officer was disciplined.  Tucker had been given a conduct report and put on commissary restriction, but the officer's action was in retaliation for Tucker's being on hunger strike so the RIB disposition was thrown out.

    Tucker was given an opportunity for a long phone call with his mother.