Tuesday, April 26, 2016

US Supreme Court Reject's Keith LaMar's Case

Today the Supreme Court of the United States of America rejected the Writ of Certiori for Keith LaMar's case. The USSC hears less than 1% of such cases, so we are not surprised or deterred by this rejection.

It does mean that the State of Ohio is now authorized to set an execution date for Keith. It also means that his court-appointed lawyers, Kate McGarry and David Doughton, who he has not been satisfied with are released from the case.

Unless something extraordinary happens, it will take The State of Ohio at least a few more years to execute Keith. We expect them to give him a death date in he next few weeks or months, but for that date to fall at the end of a long list of people they intend to murder. As soon as they release the date, we will let everyone know.

In the interim, we now have the opportunity to get Keith the legal representation he deserves. We are in negotiations with lawyers who may represent Keith in one or more of the following ways:

Conversaions from Death Row with Keith LaMar, May 10th

Mark your calendar for the next national call-in with Keith LaMar!
When: Tuesday May 10th, at 8 PM (EST)
Moderator: Denis O'Hearn, author of Nothing But an Unfinished Song, the biography of Bobby Sands and professor at Binghamton University.
Topic: what makes a good read and what makes for good writing

Invite your friends on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1676399529289481

There will be opportunities for listeners to join the conversation, ask questions, and get involved in overcoming both the physical and social death that the State of Ohio has unjustly condemned Keith to.

Listen in via streaming audio online at- https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/insurgent_ben#/

If you can't get online, use this call-in number: 641-715-3580, access code: 583063. Number of callers at once is limited. You will be muted during the call.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

IWOC interview with Siddique Abdullah Hasan (Brooklyn, NY - April 17, 2016)

Siddique Abdullah Hasan recently called in to an event in Brooklyn, New York and gave this inspiring talk.

On prisoner strikers in Georgia who were beaten with hammers and put in solitary confinement since the strike in 2010: "...it is a sad commentary on our part, meaning both those people behind enemy lines and on the outside who are activists. When people step up to the plate and fight in a righteous cause,  I think that we should not leave those people for dead."

Anyone who can help transcribe this, is encouraged to please contact insurgent.ben@gmail.com. Thank you.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Audio of April 11 Conversation with Keith LaMar

You can listen to a recording of tonight's conversation between Keith LaMar and Dr Nandi Crosby through the following link:


Full transcript coming soon.

Injustice continues 23 years after the Lucasville prison uprising – April 11-22nd, 1993 – interview with Greg Curry about the Aftermath

From OurFight4Justice.wordpress.org Greg Curry, interviewed by Kunta Kenyatta 
Introduction by Annabelle Parker:
This week we commemorate the 23rd year passing after the Lucasville prison uprising / riot / disturbance (April 11-22nd, 1993). Nine prisoners and one officer were killed during the 11-day uprising, which ended in a 21-point agreement, brokered by a few prisoners who showed great responsibility in keeping control and order. They would later be indicted and charged and convicted, to receive death penalties. Many innocent prisoners were indicted because they refused to be used as informants for the state.
This tragedy is still making victims, by still keeping at least 9 people locked up who have always proclaimed their innocence. Five of these are on death row: Keith Lamar, Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Jason Robb, George Skatzes and Namir Mateen (James Were).
In the words of Greg, Derek, Eric, Rasheed of OurFight4Justice.wordpress.com:
We encourage you to lend your hearts and ears to the true account of how lies and corruption lead to the conviction of innocent men during the 1993 Lucasville riot. The men were singled out and used as scapegoats because they would not lie and take part in the department of rehabilitation and corrections (DRC) broader political scheme to bilk the Ohio tax payers out of money and persuade the state to use this money for a supermax prison.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Conversations from Death Row with Keith LaMar April

Mark your calendar for the next national call-in with Keith LaMar!
When: Monday April 11th at 8 PM (EST)-- the 23rd anniversary of the Lucasville Prison Uprising
Moderator: Dr. Nandi Crosby, sociology professor at Chico State University
Topic: The Economics of Incarceration (costs both inside facilities and to society)

Invite your friends on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/915065541935303/
Dr. Nandi Crosby is a transformative teacher, both at the university level and also inside prison walls. She devotes her life to stirring up dialogue about racial, poverty, gender and sexuality oppression, and is a committed supporter of Keith's. Dr. Nandi does the important work of taking students inside prisons, and has published several books, including, Whispers Over the Wall: Prisoners and Students Correspond in Search of AnswersThis Side of My Struggle: Prisoners on Suffering, Surrendering, and Breaking Free (a book of prisoner writings); and her beautiful memoir, If My Soul Be Lost: a Self-Portrait. (http://www.amazon.com/Dr.-Nandi-S.-Crosby/e/B0074GDNZW).

People are invited to use this call-in number: 641-715-3580, access code: 583063 to listen, though they will be muted to allow Dr. Nandi to guide the discussion. During the call (and even before April 11th), questions can be communicated to Keith by sending them via email to: info@keithlamar.com. People can also follow and participate in the conversation via twitter through @FreeKeithLaMar.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

In Conversation with Keith LaMar March 10th, 2016

Tonight we hosted an interactive phone conversation with Keith LaMar, people gathered across the country to listen and participate in the conversation between Keith and his friend, Mars Zaineb Goetia (former member of the band Blackbird Raum). They discussed connection with humanity in the age of capitalism, dehumanization of prison, and resistance struggles. Mars is also a single mom, living on the central coast of California and working on radical conflict support within social movements and struggles.

The audio of this conversation is available here.